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My blog is run for enjoyment, and to help me remember what I have read and how I felt about it. I always read and review for free. I enjoy being able to share a review of a book I have enjoyed with the author, other readers and bloggers, who may have an interest in a different opinion. I read and review only as a reader and have no claim to book review as a professional career.

I am extremely sorry, but for the time being, I will only be reviewing books that I have purchased, requested on Netgalley, or as part of an organised blog tour/at publisher request. I know lots of authors contact me about their books, and while I would love to read all of them, I simply don’t have the time at the moment. I will change my review policy should this change.

My reviews will always be my honest and objective opinion of the book. If I cannot finish or did not enjoy, I will not publish on my blog or any other site. I would then contact the publisher, blog tour organiser, or Netgalley to inform them of this. I don’t give star ratings on my blog but will do so on Goodreads and bookseller sites as required. My reviews are also shared on Twitter and Facebook and I love to recommend good books in my online book group.

I don’t exclude myself from any genre, apart from erotica. My preferences are fantasy, ghost/horror, literary fiction, classics, and literary, crime, historical and contemporary fiction. I also like to read some non-fiction and autobiographies.

I am happy to read in any format. I prefer paperback or hardback, but have a Kindle so e-books are fine, provided that they are compatible.

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